The Cessna Caravan - The Perfect Private Flight!

Looking to privately charter an aircraft? Then the Cessna Caravan really is the ideal choice! Chartering this plane allows you to transport a group of people in style and comfort, in an extremely cost effective manner. Villiers specialise in providing flexible, reliable flight times that mean you don’t have to wait around at the airport and put up with all the hassle that commercial flights bring. By privately chartering a flight with the Cessna Caravan, you can experience all the comfort and style of business class at a time that suits you- and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Why Charter a Cessna Caravan for a Short Sector Charter in Europe

By privately chartering a Cessna Caravan, not only can you save money on commercial flights, but it is also a much more cost effective option than most other small jet aircraft. That’s because it has notoriously low operating costs- the plane is able to turn a profit with as little as four passengers, and we like to pass savings on to our customers to give you the best deal around. Particularly with shorter flights, the Cessna Caravan is the perfect way to travel business class at an economy price.

Private chartering doesn’t just save you money, though- you also save plenty of time at the airport, as we are able to have your Cessna Caravan ready to go at a time that suits you. Time is money in the business world, and privately chartering this aircraft lets you travel from a private terminal, with all your details cleared before you arrive.

Features of the Cessna Caravan

Typically, the Cessna Caravan comfortably seats up to nine passengers in its spacious interior, although this can easily be increased to up to 14 passengers should you need to. That means whatever the size of your group, you will all be able to travel together without worrying about seating arrangements, long waiting times, and other issues which are commonplace when flying commercially.

The Cessna Caravan is also versatile when it comes to landing configurations, too. It can be modified to land in less than perfect conditions, so even if you need to land at an airport with an exceptionally small runway, we will be able to bring the Cessna Caravan down with ease. This allows you to land as close as possible to your destination, further saving on transport costs.

Opting for just nine passengers allows you plenty of space for cargo, too- one of the advantages of privately chartering a plane is that you don’t have to worry about such restrictive baggage restrictions, and you can even access your luggage while in flight, so you’ll have plenty to do while you’re up in the air.

If you have a large group to transport, for example to a business meeting, then chartering this aircraft will save you a fortune when compared to flying commercially. The Cessna Caravan is one of the most affordable private charter planes available today, and it’s therefore an excellent choice when you want to get to your destination on time and within budget- while still having an extremely comfortable journey.

The Cessna Caravan - The Perfect Private Flight!

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