5 of the Worlds Busiest Private Jet Airports

We previously explored what we considered to be a fair representation of the ten busiest international air routes. However, it's also intriguing to examine some of the busiest airports globally for private jet travel, especially in light of recent developments. Let's take a look at the top five airports for private jet travel:

  1. Paris Le Bourget, France (IATA: LBG)

Paris Le Bourget airport, exclusively dedicated to general aviation, is renowned for hosting the Paris Air Show biannually. Among private jet travelers, it stands out as one of Europe's busiest airports. In 2013, it handled 54,971 movements, accommodating various aircraft types with its three runways.

What sets Paris Le Bourget apart for business aviation is the availability of numerous Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) or private terminals. These FBOs ensure the highest levels of comfort and efficiency. Some of the notable FBOs at Le Bourget include:

  • Advanced Air Support
  • Dassault Falcon Service
  • Jetex
  • Landmark Aviation
  • Signature Flight Support
  • Unijet – Abelag
  • Universal Aviation France

Situated 11 km northeast of Paris, Le Bourget provides a closer alternative to Paris Charles de Gaulle (IATA: CDG - 25 km northeast of the city) and Paris Orly (IATA: ORY - 13 km south of Paris).

  1. Teterboro Airport, New Jersey, United States (IATA: TEB)

Located merely 19 km from Midtown Manhattan, Teterboro Airport offers exceptional convenience for private jet travelers heading to New York City. The airport restricts aircraft weight to 100,000 lbs, primarily catering to general aviation.

In addition to minimal commercial traffic, Teterboro benefits from five FBOs, making it the second airport globally, following Le Bourget, with the highest number of FBOs. These FBOs ensure that all passenger requirements and desires are adequately met. The FBOs at Teterboro include:

  • Atlantic Aviation
  • Landmark Aviation
  • Jet Aviation
  • Meridian Teterboro
  • Signature Flight Support
  1. London Luton Airport, UK (IATA: LTN)

Despite being farther from central London compared to Le Bourget and Teterboro's proximity to their respective cities, London Luton stands out as the UK's busiest airport for private jet traffic. It also operates as an active commercial international airport. The airport provides quick access to the city center through a 2-mile drive to junction 10a on the M1 highway. Additionally, a train service connects the airport directly to London St. Pancras station in just over 30 minutes.

London Luton Airport hosts three FBOs, ensuring seamless transit for all general aviation traffic and offering corporate or VIP passengers comfort and efficiency. The FBOs at Luton are:

  • Harrods Aviation
  • Landmark Aviation
  • Signature Flight Support
  1. Van Nuys Airport, Los Angeles, United States (IATA: VNY)

Among airports dedicated solely to general and private aviation, Van Nuys enjoys widespread recognition among the general public. Situated in the San Fernando Valley, toward the northwestern limits of Los Angeles, the airport has appeared in numerous films and TV shows and serves as the gateway to Hollywood for many celebrities and film stars.

Van Nuys ranks as one of the busiest airports in the world for private aviation, with approximately 260,000 movements in 2013. The airport hosts four FBOs, fully equipped to handle incoming and outgoing flights. The FBOs at Van Nuys include:

  • Signature Flight Support East
  • Signature Flight Support

5 of the Worlds Busiest Private Jet Airports

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