Taking in Europe this Summer by Private Jet

If you haven’t yet made plans for this summer, fear not – we’ve done the hard work for you, and below are five essential destinations you simply cannot afford to overlook this year. Time to pick up the phone, charter that jet, and get travelling…


Even after all this time, Ibiza is still the jewel in the crown when it comes to being the go to Mediterranean summer destination. Ibiza has one of the best party scenes in the world with it’s stable of super clubs, global appeal and beautiful beaches on which to nurse your way through the day. What is less well known is the growing appeal of the island as a wellness destination, offering an entirely alternative experience with a focus on personal well-being through activities such as yoga, fitness of the body and mind, and relaxation and peace pursuits. Ibiza is a beautiful and idyllic island when off the beaten track, a side that few revellers in the summer may have the chance to appreciate, but which is more than enough reason to visit in itself.

Aiports: Ibiza Airport


In terms of popularity, Sardinia has been growing exponentially as a destination over the last few years. It offers a refined, low-key, yet effortlessly elegant and cool alternative to the wilder summer hot spots. The rugged beauty and calmer vibe are a big draw for many who exist in the higher echelons of the global wealthy, emphasised by the number of super yachts moored up and on display in Porto Cervo during the high summer months. Good restaurants, beautiful weather, and an indolence that permeates everything mean that it has quickly become one of the essential European summer destinations for any self-respecting social sun worshipper.

Airports: Olbia, Cagliari, or Alghero


Mykonos is a mecca for the youthful beautiful who love the party lifestyle and enjoy weekending in hedonistic fashion across Europe’s more glamourous Mediterranean destinations. Fast paced, energetic, and packed full of the great and the beautiful, Mykonos is an integral part of any summer calendar for those looking to see and be seen. The island strikes a wonderful balance between an increasingly international reputation and its Greek traditions and culture, and as befitting its location in the Aegean there is fabulous boating to be had and plenty of neighbouring islands to explore.

Airports: Mykonos


Another Balearic gem, Mallorca is the thinking man’s destination of choice, with pristine beaches, dramatic mountains and wonderful views. It has something for everybody – an ever popular destination for families looking to enjoy discrete luxury in expansive hidden villas away from prying eyes, younger crowds attracted by the night life of Palma, and for those seeking a more active experience, Mallorca is a permanent hub of activity for those into serious yachting and sailing. And if you did feel the need to spread your wings for a night away, we can put you on a private jet to neighbouring Ibiza for the evening…

Airports: Palma


In contrast to the brasher parts of the Mediterranean and the island existence offered by other well known summer destinations, Tuscany can be a breath of fresh air. With rolling hills the backdrop to truly spectacular countryside, large private converted farmsteads provide a quiet getaway from the rush and frantic pace symptomatic of the headier summer months elsewhere. Hot in the day yet cool at night, with medieval villages and towns to explore and a deeply ingrained sense of identity with a rich culinary and artistic history, Tuscany is a magical place to visit. Spend the afternoon reading a book by your pool or gazing out over the horizon, explore the local villages to find the best local puttanesca, or take the time to explore the art galleries in Florence – oonce you’ve adapted to the relaxed pace of life, you’ll never want to leave.

Airports: Florence Peretola, Pisa Galileo

Taking in Europe this Summer by Private Jet

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