5 Top Winter Christmas Destinations

One of the main benefits derived from travelling by private jet comes from your ability to reach any destination in the world in just a few hours. And since winter is upon us, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list with some of the best winter destinations to visit when chartering a private jet.

1. Sion, Switzerland

The great thing about going to Switzerland by private jet, and in flying to Sion airport in particular, is that you get to enjoy one of the most visually stunning locations in the world. Not only is it a delight to explore the region here, but the landscape is second to none – and the experience is every bit as impressive as the view.

2. Iceland

Iceland is amazing to visit during the winter. From the stunning ‘aurora borealis’, to indulging your sense of adventure with an extreme road trip or an exploratory walk up an active volcano, it’s an extraordinary location for anybody looking for an experience beyond the ordinary.

3. The Yucatan Peninsula

If you’re looking for something a little warmer, travelling to the Yucatan peninsula would be worth considering. Cold winter months will seem but a distant memory as you explore this beautiful environment bordering the Caribbean Sea, with luxury beach hotels and activities available to cater for your every whim and need.

4. Mammoth Mountain, California

There are many options when it comes to skiing in the United States, yet Mammoth Mountain stands out. Offering one of the largest skiing areas in the US, Mammoth Mountain also benefits from having one of the longest ski seasons – all whilst being within a five-hour drive of Los Angeles.

5. Courchevel , France

Courchevel is a delight to reach by private jet, and is known for being one of the most exclusive winter destinations in Europe. Courcheval is one of the rare few resorts with its own airport – so aside from making it incredibly practical in terms of access by private jet, it also allows for one of the most dramatic approach and landings in the world.

6. Baqueira Beret Ski Resort, Spain

Baqueira Beret Ski Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Spain. Reaching Baqueira by private jet will involve a flight to Toulouse, followed by a 2 hour drive to the resort itself (or a much quicker trip by helicopter to the town of Vielha, 8 miles away). However, what you will find is one of the best kept secrets in European skiing. Baqueira boasts fantastic snow coverage during the ski season, and is a particularly good destination for heli-skiing.

5 Top Winter Christmas Destinations

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