Norway: Breathtaking Arctic Adventures

For over a decade Henry Cookson Adventures has crafted innovative, completely bespoke journeys across the globe with unrivalled creativity and unsurpassed attention to detail. Blessed with ground-breaking originality and the benefit of years of experience, Henry and his team shine when it comes to outside the box initiative in pursuit of truly bespoke experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities for their clients. Having developed close relationships with experts and guides of all persuasions across the globe, HCA are one of the rare few travel companies that can genuinely offer unparalleled access to areas far from the beaten track.

As a destination, Norway is attractive for its many distinctive features. Rugged seashore is broken up by a network of fjords and islands, and much of its interior is dominated by mountainous terrain sculpted millennia ago by ancient glaciers, and which now calls itself home to an abundance of wildlife. For a few months a year, one of nature’s more amazing spectacles occurs just off the coast- orcas and humpback and fin whales arrive to gorge on the billion herring that annually migrate to the region. North Atlantic orcas are known for their incredible ‘carousel’ method of hunting, during which a pod carefully corral the herring into a smaller, more manageable bait ball, before diving in to feast on the trapped prey. Henry Cookson Adventures, accompanied by experts from the BBC’s Natural History Unit, have unprecedented access to snorkel and scuba dive alongside this spectacle. Complemented by afternoons spent skiing, dog sledding, paragliding through fjords and visiting Europe’s only Polar Zoo, this trip is truly one of a kind.

When to go: late November – February

How to get there: Private Jet (circa 3hrs from London, Luton)

Norway: Breathtaking Arctic Adventures

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