Europe’s Most Exclusive Summer Destinations of 2024

Summer is finally here, and one can feel the wanderlust that awakens within almost everyone. A time when we can bask in the warmth of the sun, explore exotic locations, and dive into the lap of days free from work and worries. For the proper traveller, the season is an invitation to experience the pinnacle of sophistication and exclusivity. It is about charting a course to destinations where the elite converge—places defined not just by their geographic coordinates but the unique experiences that one gets as well.

In 2024, luxury travel is about more than just first-class facilities; it's about bringing yourself to remote, outrageous locations that are almost reserved for an elite few. This summer, let a private jet take you far from the problems of commercial flights—the epitome of privacy, convenience, and safety. Here is a list put together by our team of experts, full of exclusive summer destinations that will define your travel experiences and make sure that this summer becomes an unforgettable one.

Monaco: The Jewel of The Riviera

Set along the shimmering French Riviera, Monaco remains the unrivalled epicentre of luxury and a playground for the world's elite. Nowhere does the intoxicating blend of glamour and excitement that Monaco pulsates through its grand casinos, yacht-strewn harbour, and, of course, the world's most prestigious auto race, the Monaco Grand Prix, more unabashedly than this city-state. This summer, fly to Monaco by private jet for the ultimate in glamorous vacations. Make each minute count with a seamless escape that's every bit indulgent.

Gstaad: A Summer Sanctuary In The Alps

Gstaad is known for winter sports, but at this time of the year, it is a haven for the cognoscenti—those in the know, like the Villiers team, of course. Swapping snow for verdant green landscapes, let the Swiss Alps look after everything for you, from hiking to mountain biking and even a dawn hot-air balloon. Your private jet experience goes far beyond the skies, into the kitchen so you can have Michelin-starred dining, exclusive alpine retreats, and world-class shopping in Gstaad, all against the backdrop of peace in nature.

The Amalfi Coast: A Picturesque Italian Escape

The Amalfi Coast sets the stage with dramatic cliff-side villages, sparkling waters, and robust Italian culture, crafting a sophisticated blend of natural beauty and chic luxury living. Enjoy the freedom to set your own itinerary, whether it be a day out on a private yacht on the Tyrrhenian Sea or staying in a secluded villa with unobstructed views of the coast. Landing in Naples, our airports position you perfectly for uncovering the hidden gems of this sun-drenched paradise.

Ibiza: The Ultimate Party Isle

While Ibiza is famous for its nightlife scene, there's another side to the White Isle that's more exclusive and waiting for the visitor to explore. Make your way to the island's tucked-away beaches, luxury villas, and private dining options for the sophisticate's alternative to a colourful party scene. Whether it's lounging poolside at a beach club in Cala Jondal or enjoying a farm-to-table dinner in a renovated finca, Ibiza mixes relaxation and revelry just right for the upscale traveller. From the plane to the boat, have your own gathering out on the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea amidst the Balearics. A must if you are looking to enjoy the finer things in life.

The Private Jet Experience: Your Passport To Exclusive Destinations

Your summer charter is not only a statement of prestige; it considers time and privacy, personal moments of travel. Flights are custom-made based on your likes and preferences, so you are able to go about your schedule with only what is most important—the short summer that we enjoy.

Experience the top 1% of travels with our unbeatable private jet services. This ensures that your summer is packed full of those amazing moments in destinations that exude the very definition of exclusivity.

Begin Your Journey

Get your summer all planned out and explore the available flights to these top destinations right from our home page. Get into the luxurious world of travel, where everything is designed with your desires in mind. Welcome to a summer like no other—a season distinguished by where you choose to be seen and the unparalleled way you arrive.

As you weave the story that was your summer of 2024, remember the true luxury lies in the tapestry of your experiences, the seclusion of your destinations, and the matchless personalisation that only a private jet charter offers. Set forth on a journey that transcends the ordinary, where each destination unveils a new chapter of your quintessential summer, underwritten with elegance, privacy, and a timeless sense of exploration.

Europe’s Most Exclusive Summer Destinations of 2024

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