New Year's Eve by Private Jet

Historically, New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest celebrations in the calendar, with people all over the world wanting to see out the end of the year with a bang.

These days, the big question you ask yourself when considering New Year’s Eve is not how to spend your evening, but where to spend it. All across the globe, incredible celebrations are taking place, and depending on what you had in mind, there will be something amazing to suit your tastes.

With that in mind, let us share some suggestions with you that those still struggling to make a decision may find helpful…

Sydney, Australia

Top of our list, simply because of the fact that it’s the first major city to see in the New Year. But that’s not the only thing that is special about spending the evening partying in Sydney. The city puts on one of the greatest fire works displays you’re likely to see, with many taking to the harbour in boats to watch the events unfold. Plus, of course, the fact that this vibrant city will be enjoying fine summer weather during December – reason enough to visit, if you are flying in from the northern hemisphere.

Sydney is well equipped for private jets, with a number of airports and dedicated FBO’s capable of handling all sizes of aircraft.

Zurich, Switzerland

If you are looking for something at the other end of the scale, then Zurich might well be the destination for you. Surrounded by the beautiful snow capped peaks of the Alps, the city puts on the biggest New Years Eve party in Switzerland. Once the New Year has been welcomed in at midnight by the ringing of church bells throughout the city, a spectacular fireworks display takes place, with the bright colours dancing in reflection on the calm surface waters of Lake Zurich. Elsewhere, take advantage of the famous Swiss hospitality, with a plethora of wonderful restaurants and hotels ready to welcome you in from the cold with a drink with your loved ones in front of a blazing log fire.

Zurich Airport (also known as Kloten airport) is more than capable of handling private jet charter flights of all sizes, even during busy periods such as New Year’s Eve. The airport has no less than 4 private terminals catering for private aircraft, meaning you will never find yourself subject to delays or unnecessary waits..

New York City, US

No list of cities in which to spend New Year’s Eve would be complete without including New York. Known the world over for its famous party to watch the ball drop in Times Square, New York has it all – bars, restaurants, world class clubs, a skyline that is alive with energy and colour, and a population that simply know how to have a good time better than anyone else. We don’t need to over elaborate – there simply isn’t anywhere else like it. Everyone should spend New Year’s in New York once, and if you are flying in by private jet then you will have even more cause than most to remember it.

If you are chartering a private jet to New York, again you are not short of options when it comes to convenient places to land. However, Teterboro airport is only 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan and is therefore very popular for those visiting in a private aircraft.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If a beach party is more your thing, then look no further than arguably the most famous beach in the world, Copacabana. At the best of times, Brazil is one of the most vibrant, exciting, and energetic cities on Earth, but at New Year’s, it’s taken a stage further. Music, samba, champagne, and a spectacular fireworks display provide the backdrop to one of the biggest beach parties you’re ever likely to attend, with many of your fellow revellers all dressed in white, which is traditionally said to bring good luck for the forthcoming year.

Rio de Janeiro International Airport is the perfect choice for those arriving in Rio by private jet. It is apable of handling all aircaft types and sizes, has two dedicated FBO’s to handle all incoming private flights, and is only 14km/ a 30 minute drive from all the action in the centre of the city.

London, UK

Many cities know how to put on a good party, but London has been doing it with style for years. It’s the perfect combination of old and young, traditional and contemporary – think of dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant, before welcoming in the New Year watching fireworks light up the sky as you stand in the shadow of Tower Bridge or the Palace of Westminster, before heading to any number of bars, clubs and parties in the company of an effortlessly trendy and creative crowd. You could be coming to London for the first time in your life, or for the third time this year – but you will be guaranteed never to have the same experience twice in this dynamic city.

For those flying into London by private jet, there are a wealth of options available to you. Most private aircraft fly in to London Luton, one of the worlds busiest private jet airports, with five FBO’s on site to service your every requirement. Alternatively, fly into London Biggin Hill or London Farnborough, again both equipped with dedicated FBO’s and capable of handling private aircraft of every size. All three are within a short drive – or an even shorter helicopter flight – from the centre of the city.

New Year's Eve by Private Jet

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