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Become a Villiers affiliate and tap into the highest paying luxury affiliate program. With access to over 10,000 private aircraft and 40,000 global destinations, you'll earn commission on every flight booked. Offer unmatched charter prices and fly to success with Villiers – the ultimate name in private jet excellence.

Maximise your earnings

Earn $1,000's for every flight booked and unlock the potential for repeat commission throughout the lifetime of each introduced private jet charter client. With our unmatched 30% profit share, you have the opportunity to scale your marketing efforts like never before. Join our affiliate program today and seize the lucrative rewards of the private jet industry.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the earning potential for affiliates?

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn an uncapped 30% profit share on each flight they introduce, in addition to recurring revenue from future bookings made by referred clients. Our top affiliates consistently earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, while many affiliates earn over $5,000 monthly. It is important to note that while significant earnings are achievable, there are also affiliates who may not generate any earnings at all.

What payout options are available for affiliates?

We offer two convenient payout options for affiliates: PayPal and wire transfer. These methods ensure a smooth and secure transaction process.

When will payments be processed for affiliates?

Payments are typically processed within 14 days after the flight has been confirmed and flown. This allows us to verify the completion of the booking and ensure accurate payout amounts.

How do I provide my payment details?

Once your flight is confirmed, we will request your payment details. We do not store your payment details prior to a confirmed booking, ensuring your data remains protected.

What are the most popular routes?

Below are our most popular requests in 2022:

London to Paris
London to Ibiza
London to Nice
London to New york
London to Dubai
London to Amsterdam
London to Milan
New York to Miami
London to Malaga
London to Los Angeles
New York to Los Angeles
London to Barcelona
Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Los Angeles to New York
London to Palma de Mallorca
London to Faro
London to Geneva
London to Rome
London to Las Vegas
London to Moscow
Lagos to Dubai
London to Tenerife
Singapore to Bangkok
London to Orlando
Atlanta to Miami
Chicago to Los Angeles
London to Madrid
Milan to London
London to Cannes
London to Edinburgh
New York to Las Vegas
Toronto to New York
Dubai to London
London to Newquay
Paris to London
London to Alicante
London to Athens
London to Mykonos
Ibiza to London
London to Berlin
London to Kiev
London to Lagos
London to Lisbon
London to Manchester
Los Angeles to Miami
Miami to New York
Milan to Ibiza
Barcelona to Ibiza
Birmingham to Paris

How frequently are the quotes in the affiliate dashboard updated?

The quotes in the affiliate dashboard are automatically updated daily at midnight, including the status of any existing requests.

Where can I access the terms and conditions?

You can view the terms and conditions of the Villiers affiliate program by visiting the following link:

What do the statuses in the affiliate dashboard mean?

The statuses in the affiliate dashboard represent the different stages of an enquiry's lifecycle:

  1. Pending: This status indicates a new enquiry that has been initiated. We have contacted the client and are awaiting their response. If the client doesn't respond within five days, we follow up with them three times. After a week of no response, the enquiry is marked as Lost.
  2. In progress: When the client responds to the enquiry, it enters the "In progress" status. At this stage, our agents are actively working on addressing the client's requirements.
  3. Pricing sent: Once the client's options are finalised, we send them the confirmed pricing details.
  4. Confirmed: When the client confirms the flight, the enquiry status changes to "Confirmed." This indicates that the booking has been successfully confirmed.
  5. Lost: The "Lost" status is assigned to enquiries that are no longer active or have not progressed further.

Where should I avoid targeting?

To maximise the efficiency of your targeting efforts and allocate your budget effectively, it's strongly recommended to exclude the following countries from your targeting strategy:

  1. India: While India has a large population and market potential, it can be challenging to achieve high conversion rates due to various factors such as cultural differences, economic disparities, and diverse regional preferences. By excluding India from your targeting, you can focus your resources on regions where you are more likely to generate successful conversions.
  2. South Africa: Although South Africa presents opportunities for business growth, it may not be the most optimal market for our services. By avoiding targeting South Africa, you can concentrate on regions that align better with your target audience and business objectives.
  3. Pakistan: Excluding Pakistan from your targeting strategy is strongly recommended. While Pakistan also has a significant population, it has its own unique cultural, economic, and regional characteristics that may affect conversion rates. By excluding Pakistan, you can further refine your targeting efforts and focus on areas that offer higher potential for successful conversions.

Remember, effective targeting is crucial for optimising your marketing efforts and ensuring a higher return on investment (ROI). Regularly evaluating and adjusting your targeting strategy based on performance metrics can lead to more successful campaigns.

Why has a quote disappeared from my flight requests?

Unconfirmed requests with past flight dates are automatically removed to maintain dashboard accuracy, as they no longer have conversion potential.

Become a Villiers Affiliate Partner

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